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It's impossible to predict what may happen while you're on the road. From a stone hitting your windshield to a maniac cutting you off and causing a fender bender, there are a ton of risks that face drivers. Oakland Companies can take some of the stress associated with being behind the wheel with comprehensive Michigan auto insurance coverage. Our Michigan auto insurance policies are designed with you in mind - we make sure your specialized needs are met through your auto insurance. Michigan drivers want the best comprehensive and collision coverage available. A Michigan auto insurance policy from Oakland Companies can provide that to you. Give us a call at 877.312.2920 for more information.

Home Insurance

If you own a home, it's important that you have the proper insurance coverage. A Michigan home insurance policy will protect your property and your possessions if disaster strikes. In addition, homeowners insurance in MI provides you with liability coverages if someone is injured while on your property. With the help of Oakland Companies, you can build a solid Michigan home insurance policy. From hurricanes to break-ins, it's impossible to predict what kinds of risks are lurking around the corner. Make sure you and your family are covered by a MI home insurance policy by speaking with the helpful agents at Oakland Companies today.

Business Insurance

Businesses face a vast number of risks on a daily basis. It's vitally important to the success of your organization that you hold a comprehensive Michigan business insurance policy. Oakland Companies of Troy has a great deal of experience in the MI insurance market, so after a brief consultation we can help you build a Michigan business insurance policy that will provide protection against your specialized risks exposures. Risks can range from property damage to a costly lawsuit, and you don't want to be forced to shut your doors after such events. Speak with the knowledgeable agents at Oakland Companies to learn more about how your company can benefit from business insurance in Michigan.

Bonds Insurance

A commercial bond is not an insurance policy, rather it is a guarantee that obligations will be met no matter what. There are hundreds of commercial bonds on the market, so it's important that you be paired with the appropriate one. At Oakland Companies we have commercial bonds specialists who can help you determine which specialized bonds are required by your business. Oakland Companies of Michigan offers businesses across the country commercial bonds such as a performance bond, surety bond, license and permit bond, utility bond, etc. If you're in need of commercial bonds, simply give us a call at 877.312.2920 or fill out the form on this page to start learning about your options.

Life Insurance

Would you like to protect your loved ones financially if anything were to happen to you? Michigan life insurance policies are designed to help cover the income lost when you pass away. Oakland Companies has been writing Michigan Life Insurance policies for nearly 30 years, and as an insurance brokerage we have more flexibility than most other Michigan life insurance companies. Whether you are in Troy, Ann Arbor, Dearborn, or Detroit we have the Michigan life insurance plan for your needs. Our agents will help you determine if you should enroll in term life insurance, whole life insurance or a combination plan. Contact us for further details about Michigan life insurance and to receive a free quote.

Benefits Insurance

When you are responsible for running a company, of course you want to employ the best team possible. In order to develop a hard working staff, you need to provide the right incentives to attract the right people. Obviously salary can do this but a solid group benefits package can also work wonders. With help from Oakland Companies, Michigan companies can establish an extensive employee benefits package that includes coverages such as group disability insurance, group dental insurance, group life insurance and group health insurance. When an employee knows that you are willing to provide for them, they will be more willing to produce for you. If you have any questions about the employee benefits packages offered by our experienced agents at Oakland Companies, please feel free to give us a call.

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Aviation Insurance – For Michigan Business and Personal Use

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Aviation insurance is a coverage written by a relatively small number of insurers that are specialists in the field. Michigan personal and business insurance agents rarely get requests to write an aviation policy, so they rely on aviation insurance market representatives for arranging general aviation business (non-commercial airline) coverage. The categories of general aviation business include: public, corporations, business, personal, instructional, aerial application, aerial observation, and air taxi.

Types Of Aircraft Owners/Operators

Industrial Aid Operators are corporate aircraft owners that employ full-time, highly skilled professional pilots.

Business and Pleasure Operators are entities that own and operate aircraft for both business and pleasure use but do not have professional pilots. In many cases, the president or a chief executive officer is the principal pilot.

Flying Clubs are non-profit organizations composed of at least three individuals who jointly own and operate aircraft for pleasure use only.  Michigan personal insurance would have special conditions to ensure coverage in this case.

Fixed Base Operators are airport-based businesses which own, operate, buy, sell, rent and lease aircraft as well as provide fueling, repairs, flight instruction, and other aviation services.

Each classification of aircraft owner/operator requires varying types of coverages, including: aircraft hull and liability, medical payments, voluntary settlements, airport liability, hangarkeepers liability, product liability and workers compensation

Hull Coverages

Hull insurance provides either All Risks – While Not in Flight or All Risks coverage. All Risks – When Not in Flight protects the insured against damage to physical loss while the plane is on the ground (including while being taxied). All Risk protection handles losses occurring both on the ground and during flight. This coverage is broad, but contains exclusions for losses involving war; nuclear activity; damage to tires; wear and tear; deterioration; mechanical or electrical breakdown; equipment failure; and damage arising out of noise or vibration including sonic boom.

A deductible generally applies to all losses while the aircraft is in motion, including taxiing. The “plane-not-in-motion” deductible does not apply to fire, explosion, lightning, theft-related or vandalism losses. Neither does the deductible apply to accidents that occur while a conveyance is transporting an insured plane.

The Michigan insurance policy handles losses that occur during the policy period while the aircraft is within the U.S., its territories and possessions, Canada and Mexico, or en route between these points.

Liability Coverages

Aircraft Liability coverages consist of two separate insuring agreements: Bodily Injury, excluding passenger liability, and Passenger Liability. Typically, “passenger” is a defined term referring to any person in, on, boarding, occupying or leaving an insured aircraft. The term does not mention whether the passenger has to pay a fare. However, if the insured collects a charge for passengers the policy must be rated and described as commercial use.

Michigan liability insurance limits may be split to apply per passenger and per loss (for Bodily Injury) or may be written on a single limit basis to provide protection for Bodily Injury, Property Damage and Passenger Liability. A single limit may also be used under the Bodily Injury excluding Passenger Liability basis.

An aircraft policy may also include Medical Payments protection when Passenger Liability coverage is purchased. Generally, Medical Payments can be added to policies covering business, pleasure and industrial aid classes. A Voluntary Settlement (a.k.a. Admitted Liability) provision is usually added to the policy in conjunction with Passenger Liability. The provision responds with pre-determined sums of money for the loss of life, limbs, or sight suffered by a passenger in an accident. The payments are made regardless of legal liability. When this provision is used, the injured party must provide the insurer with a release of liability against the insured. Without a release, any voluntary settlement is withdrawn. This coverage may be written with a “per person” limit and can include or exclude the crew.

If you have an aviation-related exposure, you need to fly to your nearest Michigan insurance professional and discuss any coverage needs.


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